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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Registration

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Hello Support … I managed very easily to create the Forum on my website and add topics etc but simply cannot see how to add a registration page despite reading all the documentation.

I have just registered very easily on your own forum.

Please help me to set this up.



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Hi @alexanderwp,

You don't need to create page for registration. wpForo Registration and login pages are created automaticaly when you call according URLs. Those URLs are added in menu once you install it. It seems you've removed wpForo menu and can't see those pages.

  • Registration page:
  • Login page:


These are not regular pages. They are generated in Menus using wpForo Menu Shortcodes mentioned here in wpForo Documentation:

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Many thanks for the prompt reply.

I watched a video that recommended I install wpForo and BuddyPress so that is why I am having trouble.

I followed your advice .. deleted BuddyPress and added the wpForo menu and all working.

Perfect .. thank you