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[Closed] Login page - auto/manual?

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Hey guys. Stupid question - are the standard Login / Registration , .... pages created automatically or do they need to be setup manually? (they were not created on my installation). Many thanks

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Hi @jbaborg ,
Yes, wpForo has built-in login and registration pages. After installation, it provides default login and registration pages along with forms. However, wpForo's login and registration pages are not standard WordPress default pages; they are generated within the wpForo system. It's possible that you might have accidentally removed the wpForo login and registration page shortcode links from the WordPress menu. Could you please provide your website URL so that we can assist you further?

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@blackraz thx. I was looking for those in the wrong spot (website pages). Is there a way to use the WPforo login/registration forms instead of the standard Wordpress ones? I mean how to achieve that? I did read the documentation, but I must be misunderstanding something. When I did as instructed I got into endless redirect loop I could not resolve (I couldn't even log into the admin console). I had to delete the site. Fortunately it was just a staging copy:-D.

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You can fond more information in the documentation: