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[Solved] After updating my forum is broken, login or registration is not possible

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After updating to 2.0.9, my forum is broken, login or registration is not possible, the topic does not appear when the topic is clicked

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Hi @dark,

1. wpForo 2.0 login and registration page URLs have been changed. Please check the wpForo menus and make sure you use correct menu shortcodes

2. Please navigate to wpForo > Tools > Debug > Error & Issues sub-tab and let us know if you see any error.

3. Navigate to wpForo > Tools > Database Tables Tab and check the database errors

4. Navigate to wpForo > Overview admin page, scroll down and click [Hard Flush Permalinks] and [Delete all caches] buttons.

5. Delete all kind of caches. If you have Redis Object cache, then flush it as well.

6. Go to wpForo > Boards admin page and make sure there is a board with boardid=1 and the pageid is not empty. Click the ID and make sure it opens a page with [wpforo] shortcode: