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[Solved] Login and register new user links in menu don't work

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On my forum, , the menu links to the register page and the login page no longer works. I only get a "Nothing Found" message.

In board settings, I have not activated the "Turn WordPress to this forum board" setting.

If I do activate it, the login and register links work fine.

If i deactivate it, I get the "Nothing Found" message.Β 

Please help! πŸ™‚

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Hi @snakkomsexno

Please follow these instructions:

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Hello, and thank you for your answer.Β 

None of the above worked for me.Β 

I was, however, able to make it work, by making a new page with the [wpforo] code.

When loading from the new page, the login and register links in the menu suddenly started working. I don't know what was wrong with my original page, I really find no difference between them.Β 

Anyways, problem solved. I just don't know why it works on the new page and not the old one.Β