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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Removed "parent" from subtopic and saved; subtopic was deleted

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Is there any way to recover a deleted topic? I renamed it then wanted it to become a parent rather than child. When I removed parent, it disappeared. I've searched the forums and see that the answer was no previously but am hoping this has changed. Also, I still see the links to the most recent posts which happen to have fallen into this topic. Help?

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Hi @karina,

Please let me know what do you mean saying "parent" and "child"? Please leave some screenshot. Topics doesn't have parents and child, maybe you've deleted forums not topics.

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@robert, thank you for the prompt response. I am going to withdraw this question as this was user error and as our forum is still so new the loss was acceptable. I believe I did exactly as you mentioned above - I deleted a forum and I am not sure if that is at all recoverable. Hard lesson learned.