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I installed few weeks back 3 sites. All same theme, plugins, settings etc..  3 days ago, one site only home page shows, all other pages only header/footer, forum area all blank.

As you state, use this forum, will be faster answered, and you don't provide a ticket system.

I checked with several other posts and also no responses from support, which you also claim, work is being done from people in different part of the world, not a central office.

1. Docs are not complete, many documentation links are still under construction

2. several bug issues, and for days no help

3. Your plugin is the essential part of the website, and even so its free, many will buy the add-ons to have a complete forum. However, delays for days, cost us money and time.

4. What if WP delivers an urgent update, and all plugin providers have to ensure that their plugins are working. It concerns me, that you are sitting for days and let your user getting stressed.

For my business, I am going back to SMF. Lost time. Yours looked good, but service support is always a key for long term success.

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Hi @florida47,

Have you updated all your forums to the new 2.1.8 version? We've fixed lots of issues and released a new version yesterday.

Make sure you have deleted all caches after the update.