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[Closed] Set/change password wrong links

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problem solved.
The plugin "WPS hide login" destroyed everything.

Hello idk what happen, before everything was okay, but now when user need to set/change password it
link him to the wordpress site instead of wpforo, and after registeration it moves user to the main page.

Also the new user get two link that,

Username: XXXX To set your password, visit the following address:
Link 01 - Reset Password link, which is fine/correct
Link 02 - Forum login url

And before there was only 1 link

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Hi @orkalia,

Navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Login & Registration and Enable the following options:

  • Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL
  • Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL
  • Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL

And also make sure that the fields of the following options are empty:

  • Custom Authorization URLs fields
  • Custom Redirection URLs after following actions fields