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wpForo 1.x.x Set password link not showing in email

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I really want to use wpforo for my new forums on my website. I can't get passed the first hurdle which is allowing uesrs to register. Is there any way to disable having to have a password link sent? I've read several posts about it not working and I have tried everything. My emails come like this: 

Username: casey To set your password, visit the following address: Thanks!


There is no link sent. The shortcode for the link is in the email body. I use SendGrid to process my emails using the wp_smtp plugin. I think that could be the problem. Do you have an email plugin that does work with wpforo? My server doesn't have email capabilities.


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Thank you @casey,

Make sure you use the latest wpForo version. This is a conflict with other plugins. It's better to deactivate all plugins and test it again. Then activate plugins one by, test it one by one after each plugin activation and find the conflict maker.