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wpForo 1.x.x Shortcode not working

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Hi - newbie here.

I'm trying to add the shortcode so that I can display different forum categories on diff pages. But none of the shortcodes are working. I keep getting a 404 error page - FORUM NOT FOUND.

I'm presuming that the number that shows to the left hand side of each of my categories and topics is the ID (I can't see this stated anywhere in the notes though).

I'm also presuming that I can just drop this number into the shortcode where is says id=XXX.

I'm not quite clear on the difference between Forum ID and Topic ID though - is forum AKA category?

I use Divi and I'm putting the shortcode in the TEXT window of WP (not the visual window). Also, this is not in a divi module - the builder isn't loaded. So, I'm at a total loss why I keep getting these 404 messages.


Any ideas?


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Please make sure the Turn WordPress to wpForo option is disabled. The option is located in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > General admin page. More info here: