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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Sorting by Date Registered doesn't work in wpForo 1.9.7

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Hi, this is just a small thing that stopped working after upgrading wpForo to version 1.9.7. I used to filter forum members by inactive status and then sort the list by Date Registered. I used this to delete inactive members by date registered instead of going by ID number. It used to be possible to add a Date Registered column to the columns in WP Admin with the plugins Recently Registered or Admin Columns. With the latest wpForo it's no longer possible to add custom columns when viewing Forum Members.

It's not a major roadblock to using wpForo. I just miss using that sort by option when dealing with inactive members.

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Hi @guitarnoise,

You can use the "Last login" column in Dashboard > Forums > Members admin page.

Also, you can add one of the folloing URL parts in the current URL of the address bar and call it:

  • &orderby=userid
  • &orderby=user_registered


an example of the full URL:

https:// admin.php?page=wpforo-members&filter_by_group=-1&filter_by_status=inactive&orderby=user_registered&order=desc&s

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Thank you, Martin. That is a little bit helpful.

I have been sorting by user id and deleting inactive users. The Last Login column is always blank for inactive users. I was using a plugin to give me the date of registration so I didn't have to guess how long the users have been inactive. Typically if a user hasn't activated their account in a couple of days they are probably safe to delete. It was nice to know the date when deleting inactive users, but not essential. Thanks for the useful sorting tips.