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wpForo 1.x.x Spammers still spamming since 1.6 update

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Months ago, there was a bug in wpForo that would allow spammers to still post spam even with the setting to moderate the first 2 posts for new users. The problem was that a spammer could post 3 posts and the third one would pass moderation and be posted live in the forum for all to see. That problem is now back, but with a new problem. I'll explain with screenshots below.

I have moderation set to 1 post for all new users. But now new spammer users are signing up, posting one post that goes into moderation, then posting another which is publicly available in the forum. However, that second one is difficult to remove -- you can't view it directly in the forum, so I have to edit the database, which can be a bit scary. Of course, I backup the whole site before I do that.

Here's how the two posts look on the Recent Posts page:

Here's how they look in the forum list:

When I view the unapproved post, it looks normal:

When I click the post that got through moderation, it takes me back here: (this is the one that I have to remove manually in the database)

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Hi @wendell,

That problem is not back, you just need make sure your options are right. The "Posts must be manually approved" option should be enabled fro new users in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam Tab. Also the Spam Control should not be disabled and the minimum posts of New users should be set more than 0.

This issue is only related to HTML titles. When spammer inserts HTML link in topic title wpForo removes all HTML so you see an unapproved topic without title. There is no any bug and it's not related to any old issue. We may add some default phrase for this case and if a spam topic is created and the whole title is an HTML code of a link it'll be replaced with that phrase instead of leaving it empty.