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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Splitting forum topic doesn't update article comments.

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I don't know if this should be posted here, in the wpdiscuz or addon forums. 

I use the wpforo cross post addon and when I split a forum topic that's linked to an article's comment section, I would expect comments to also "move" (i.e. Be removed from the comment section in articles). 

Is there a way to resync the two or should I manually delete the comments I'm the article? 




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Hi @veganostomy,

I'm sorry but wpForo Cross-posting addon doesn't synchronize such changes. it's only designed for Add/Edit and Delete actions. You see that actions options in dashboard. there is no way to synchronize comments after splitting a topic. All questions and issues related to addons should be discussed in gVectors Forum. In this forum we only support the free core wpForo plugin.

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