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[Solved] Text after Content

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Hi! Is there a way to add a text after the content of a specific forum.


I want it like the attached photo.

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You can use one of the solutions below: 

  1. You can use the wpForo admin note feature. It can be found

    For a Single Board Forum:
               Dashboard > wpForo > Tools > Admin Note

    For Multi-Boards Forums:

               Dashboard > [Your Board Name] > Tools > Admin Note

    For example:

    Dashboard > EN Forum > Tools > Admin Note
    Dashboard > FR Forum > Tools > Admin Note

  2. Use the forum description and display the information you want
  3. You can check out the wpForo wpForo Ads Manager addon. Please find out more information here:
  4. You can customize the wpForo theme files.

    Please read attentively this doc:  You'll find more information about wpForo theme files here

    For an update-safe way of customization, please refer to this documentation: