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[Solved] The favicon takes a very long time to load

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Hello everyone There is such a problem: when you go to any page of the forum (when using any browser), the favicon loads on the browser tab for a very long time, whereas on other pages of the site (blog, static pages) such a phenomenon is not observed, the favicon loads instantly here. Is there anything we can do about it? How to fix it? I am grateful in advance for your answers. Screenshot:


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Hi @adler11,

I checked your website and the Favicon loads, the same as other pages, and it loads really fast,

The only thing that can make the favicon load longer than other pages if you have lots of information in the Forum Page, and it takes more time to fully load the page. In that case, the favicon would load after all the information of the page is loaded.

But I have tested and didn't see any issue with the load speed.

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Thank you for your reply! I hope other people see the same as you, and I just won't pay my attention to this phenomenon at home. 🙂  Happy New Year to you! 🥂