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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] There are no exclusion of the registration of new users on the forum

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Disable the registration of new users in the admin panel of Wordpress, does not disable the registration of new users on the forum. Why there is no sync?


In the event of a large amount of spam off registration, the most frequently the first step before you recognize where the problem is.

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Why you dont use captcha or something? You can delete "registration" in forum menu.

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In the most well-known systems Forum, this option is available for the admin.

Whereas although Registration new users on the Forum is synchronized with Wordpress, then when we exclude registration Wordpress we have such a status:

- on the Forum registration of new users is still open

- And Wordpress Registration of new users is not open.

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Hi bodzio,

We'll add an option to disable user registration on forum, but we'll not sync it with WordPress option. There are a large amount of WordPress websites with disabled user registration. Most of them even don't know that the registration is disabled. And there are a large amount of admins that even don't know about this option. So we'll get tons of support questions why wpForo doesn't have registration page. We'll have to answer on the same question dozens time and explain how they should enable user registration in WordPress settings. We already know that most of WP admins don't have proper skills and this sync will cause lots of problems.

We'll add a separate option in wpForo settings to disable user registration. And this option will be enabled by default. We're ready to answer on very rare questions how to disable forum registration.

Currently you can navigate to Dashboard > Menu > wpForo Navigation and remove Registration page from menu. We're planning to release the next version on the beginning of next month.

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I found out wpWoro works very good with membership plugins like s2member which can disable registration so i protect whole forum by URI and no one can register without pay all goes through s2member but there is still something i not like example 2 locations with users i would like to bridge them or have only WP users.

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