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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] To make "Forum titles" show in search engines & Forum decription as Foro Title?

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Hi guys - not easy for me to explain what I meant/ask! 🤣Β 

Would be there any way so that:

1 - When I "title" a particular Main Forum, or Subforum Childs.... The title that I input would be used for search engines BUT NOT be shown in the "Forum Title Bar at the Front End"?

*If there is a way to achieve the above.... then the forum will be "empty" to the users view.... so therefore my second question comes:

2 - Could perhaps (just dreaming LOL) be a way to achieve that whichever forum "short description (under its title) would become "that particular Forum Title" to the members view on the front end?

Im not sure if you are understanding me. Im not sure even if Im making sense hahahaha BUT if what I ask could be achievable, this will mean I (we) would be able to use the "Forum titles on the back end" for the search engines and YET display a "readable making full sense title" on the front end

Regardless if this is at all possible, its my question making any sense? 🤣Β 

Added screenshot to clarify... that, the visible title in there would be ideal for the search engines but it makes not readable text at all having on mind that the "child forums" are just

- Forum rules

- Forum sugestions

- User presentations

PLUS, I still have not titled the "forum childs".... if I were to use the forum childs to do the same, people will definitely think I have lost my mindΒ  🤣Β