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[Closed] Topic post moderation

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Does anyone know how to make it that whoever's topic it is when they reply to comments that they don't need to come through myself for moderation at all?

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If you want to fully disable the topic/post moderation, you should do the following settings in wpForo > Settings > Spam Protection admin page:

1. Edit the default usergroups you want in wpForo > Usergroups admin page and ENABLE "Front - Can pass moderation" permission. It should be checked.

2. Go to wpForo > Settings > Spam Protection Tab and update the following options:

  • Enable wpForo Spam Control: No
  • Ban user when spam is suspected: No
  • Spam Suspicion Level for Topics: 0
  • Spam Suspicion Level for Posts: 0
  • ---
  • User is New (under hard spam control) during first [X] posts: 0
  • Posts must be manually approved: No
  • Min number of posts to be able to edit profile information: 3


3. Go to wpForo > Overview admin page, scroll down and click the [Delete Users Cache] button.