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[Solved] How to tweak the Recent Topics widget?

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I am looking for hybrid between the Recent Topic and Recent Posts widget…

What I love about the recent topic widget is that it will link to the most recent unread post for logged in users. My users get confused by this widget because it lists the person who created the topic and when they created it. This confuses them sine many times a topic can be a few years old. 

The users are looking for information similar to the recent topic widget. Which is the most recent post and who posted it. The problem with the recent post widget is that it brings you to that specific post in the topic and not the first unread.

I really think they would love the recent topic widget that also displays the most recent post and when they posted.

So… Is there any way to tweak the topics widget to ALSO display the most recent poster and when they posted? So it would look similar to the attached mock up?

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I'm sorry, but there is no an easy way to do this. Widgets are not template files, so they cannot be customized.

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@robert That's too bad... But I thought that it could not hurt to ask.