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[Closed] translation issue

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Hello, I allow myself to post this subject because I am creating a forum for my community on my wordpress / elementor site and I have a translation problem. I translated everything with Loco Translate but there are like a few words that I can't find in the translation strings such as: Favored, the 2 sentences on the registration form and 2 or 3 other things...
How can I solve this problem please?

ps: After solving the translation problem, I want to take the Addon Custom for the member area but I would like to know what else it brings apart from adding fields to the form?


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Hi @habbodreams,

About the missing phrases, Navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > Overview, and Press "Rebuild Phrases" Button

About the User Custom Fields addon please ask your question at

We don't provide support for the Addons here, only for wpForo Plugin, the addons have their own forums at