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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Translation not working

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i have created a po and mo files for greek language, its like 49%, i couldn't do the whole tranlation.
I added the files under the languages folder with the proper name wpforo-el_GR.po and, the files created with poedit.Β 

So after the files uploaded i follow some step that i read in your forum about troubleshooting.
1. deactivate and activate the pluginΒ 
2. change languages back and forth
3. i installed loco translate and i edited one or two phrases but nothing happend

when im in "greek mode"Β  the plugin is in english and in the frontend also the GR page of the forum also is in english.
I dont know what to do and what i'm doing wrong :/ is it beacuse the file is half translated?


Thank you in advance ! πŸ™‚