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wpForo 1.x.x Updates to pages and topics

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In order to streamline and minimize the look of the front page I've removed the topic's descriptions so as many forums and topics will be squeezed (summarized) and displayed upon entry to the forum.


WP super cache is completely disabled and I also enabled "do not cache for known users" (or something like that…)

 The situation is that we have 2 parallel worlds:

1 for admin or registered users that can see immediate changes and the rest of the world that will see changes some time in future after all will be sync. [Changes, I mean when I, the admin add a topic etc].

 On my other sites I never had the issue of caching. Whenever I changed anything it appeared in 1 second or less to all users or guests. Therefore I suspect that there is a conflict/non compatibility issue with the caching mechanism of wpForo and it need to be addressed, unless if I've missed some important thing in setup…

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Please play with cach, this is a cache issue, it may be reset a bit later, or i t may be cached in local PC/browser, not only in WordPress. This is a cache issue, just proper delete it or wait a bit more. Or test it on other PC's / Browsers to make sure all is good.