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Suggestion [Closed] User rating

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Posted by: @robert

it sortes by number of posts and user popularity. So the most actve users are shown first.

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Have you thought that a user's rating by the number of posts is not the best solution?


Person A: Sits on a forum and constantly writes messages that are of no use. Wrote 100 messages a day. And got 0 likes.

Person B: Smart, and helps people on the forum with every post. Wrote 20 messages a day and got 15 likes.

Who is better, A or B? I believe that B. And according to the wpForo rating, it turns out that A.

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Hi @aima-forum,

Yes, sure, we know this very well. The first version of user rating calculation is simple and based on post count, but this will be improved in future for sure. Currently, this is in our to-do list, but it's not prioritized. It'll be probably updated in the next major version.