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[Solved] Users cant see all forum pages

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I set up wpForo and users (included admin) cant see all pages, just the community one. I added links to LiteSpeed in order to avoid cache issues, I did a general maintenance. I dont know why the labels of the menu cant be translated either, perhaps it has something to do... What could I do?

Thank you

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Hi @lamarrbits,

About the pages, that you cannot see: Navigate to Dashboard > Pages, Find Forum Page, check the page ID and Slug. Then Navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > Boards, Edit wpForo Default Board, check that the ID and the Slug are the same as Forum Page ID and Slug.

About the Menu Links Translation: Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, Select wpForo Navigation Menu Open the Menu Links/Tab, and change the Text to the need Language Translation.

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There are SO MANY errors in those pages, F12 to view and fix them.

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Hello @chris,

It works now. Thank you very much

There is another issue: when I go to "My Profile" tab, the menu doesnt display well, so its not possible to use the submenu. Please, check the screenshot.


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Hi @lamarrbits

Show Forum Header and Footer on Profile Pages

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Hello @tutrix,

Thank you for your answer, but I dont need to show the forum header and footer on profile pages. Anyway, I have tried it and the problem still exists. Please, check the attachment.

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