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Users get redirected to default forum while registration

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When any user tries to register on another(Hindi language) Board then he gets redirected to the default board. Actually, My default board is in English but other board is in Hindi language. There is a description written in starting of page of each language board. Hence, When any user gets redirected to the default page then he feels there is some mistake as he tried to register on hindi Forum but he redirected to english forum. 

So, How can I solve it? I think it is how wpforo forum works but I want to change this functionality. 

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Hi @anshul632,

wpForo has one login/registration/reset pass form and one profile page, the language is set for these pages(forms) by your website language(Dashboard > Settings > General > Site Language).

In your Hindi board, you can set the menu Languages to Hindi, but the form language will be set by your website language.