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[Solved] Why doesn't WpForo support PHP version upper than 7.4 ?

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I want to change my Php version to 8.1 at least, for security reasons. But because I use WpForo in my site, I can not do that. It breaks the login page. It doesn't work on more recent PHP versions. So I'm stuck in PHP 7.4 just because of WpForo. Why are we staying at an outdated version of PHP? When are you going to make it Compatible with PHP 8.x versions?  

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What are you saying? I use wpForo on PHP version 8.1 without any problems.

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wpForo works right with PHP 8.1.

I have no idea about PHP 8.2.

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wpForo works with even 8.2 version. So your information is not correct.

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I changed to PHP 8.0 and it is working fine now. I noticed that it was because of the "wpForo User Custom Fields" bundle I have. I have the v3.0.0 of this bundle. And they added PHP 8.1 compatibility for v3.0.1 recently. So it would still not work with PHP 8.2 version yet even if the latest version of the "wpForo User Custom Fields" bundle is used. So I'll stick with the PHP 8.0 for now.