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[Solved] Translating timezones list

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Hello everyone.

I am looking into changing the timezones in the profile tab. I've added the code below to functions.php to change profile locations, and it worked fine. Which I assume modifying timezones follow the same concept. However, I want to make sure I'm taking the correct steps to avoid any issues.


function custom_wpforo_user_locations( $user_fields ){
    if( isset($user_fields['location']['values']) ) {
        $user_fields['location']['values'] =
                //Custom Locations:
    return $user_fields;
add_filter('wpforo_member_after_init_fields', 'custom_wpforo_user_locations', 10);
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Just to clarify, am looking for the filter hook to modify the time zones.

Would appreciate it if anyone shares it/helps in showing steps to modify time zones, I've been looking into the documentation but couldn't find anything.

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We don't recommend you change the timezon as those are used on many wpForo functions, so if you change it may lead to several issues.

If you still want to change you can use the example you've provided. Alternatively, we recommend considering a solution where you simply reduce the list of available timezones for a smoother transition.