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WP Foro Shortcodes not working

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Hi folks,


I just created a new board for my forum and I don´t why in the forum page I am getting just [wpForo]. It seems like wordpress isn´t properly working reading the shortcode and without this, I just can´t start creating topics.

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Can you give us more details? What the wpforo page displays? Can you post a url?

How did you enter the shortcode?

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Hello @jdavidsmonroy 

Make sure that the shortcode is inserted into the page, preferably in the code editor, and that no special characters or other things prevent the execution of the shortcode.

Mostly it is already something trivial like <strong> or similar...

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@wp-henne I just checked and everything seems to be ok. It was inserted by the classic editor taking care not to insert other tags. I attach a screenshot of how this issue looks like.

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Hi @jdavidsmonroy,

please provide admin access to your website, I will check the forum page, and board setup.

Send the admin credentials to info[at], mention this topic in the email, and let me know here that you have sent the email.