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Multiple Forum Shortcodes Disables Adding Topics or Subscribing

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I am working on a website FishingPiers.Info.  One of the biggest draws to this new live site is about creating community around each fishing pier.  I have the master forum /community with 320 pier forums and 6 subforums for each pier.  I do not want people to have to leave their individual pier page to comment. 

I am using the shortcode [wpforo item="forum" slug="phil-foster-park-fishing-pier-fishing-reports"] along with 5 other similar shortcodes on each page to divide the forums into tabbed sections.

The reason I am writing is that if I have more than 1 shortcode on a page then everything works correctly except for the "Add Topic" button and the "Subscribe To This" buttons.  Anyone have any thoughts on how I can overcome this challenge?   

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Hi @daveh 

Please note that it's not allowed to use multiple shortcodes per page. Only one shortcode can be added to each page.