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wpForo 1.x.x wpForo in members area and lost password request

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Hi Robert,

I am preparing a site with wp foro in an area only open for members (plugin: WooCommerce Membership). Works fine, the wp foro-shortcode is simply installed in a post, that is closed to the public. Everything is good, except one thing ...

When we trigger a lost password-request, the system is doing a deviation to ".../community/?wpforo=resetpassword&rp_key=zmvyRLMEj26SNSBoO1os&rp_login=eigenesformular". Which of course does not work, because the user is not logged in.

Any idea from your side to prevent this?

Thanks for your great work. I might have an idea for you for a small premium addon, if you like, contact me by mail.

Yours, Bernd