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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] WpForo Page links do not work, register / login / logout / profile on my forum

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I have followed this tutorial on Youtube.

I noticed a comment saying not to use BuddyPress, which afterwards i uninstalled from my forum.

In the comments section it linked me to this post on here

I have followed the post which mentioned to go to the Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Find wpForo navigation in the drop-down, select it and enable it for the wpForo Location: Which i have done.
Here is a screenshot: 

I have tried using the url links which are given to each page but always end up giving me a 404 error when attempting to get into a page i.e register

What i'm asking is why are my pages not working when i have everything setup as it should? this is the only thing holding me back from publishing my website to my members.

Thanks for reading.

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As far as I see the problem is fixed:

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