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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Wpforo Plugin Community Page views are Not shown in any Analytics

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Hi, Support Team

I was willing to say this matter from last many months. That Wpforo Plugin Community Page views are not shown in any Analytics, Wordpress, Ahref, Semrush, Similar web or any.

For example, I am getting 15k page views per month

=>10k on all Community Pages  - www. Mysite .com/community/topic-name/post-name

=> 5k on all blog posts and other pages - www. Mysite .com/blog-post-name

Then the problem is When someone checks page views, traffic in any SEO tool all tools show only 5k traffic on site instead of 10k + 5k => 15k

Please suggest me is there any way to solve this issue.?

Hope to hear a positive response from you soon 

Best Regards 🙂

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Hi @ashish,

I don't think this is wpForo issue. I'd as these analytics plugin developers for support. Maybe you've configured something wrong. Or the forum main page is excluded from analytics. In any case wpForo page is a simple page so you should have all analytic data for forum too.

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Thank you for your response

Pageviews are shown in google analytics.

But Jetpack analytics/WordPress analytics, Ahref, Semrush, Similar web are not showing community pageviews.

However, I have configured Wpforo with the site. Otherwise, page views would not be shown in google analytics.

If you need any information about site, then I can send you in the mail.

Thanks & Regards