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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Migrate from Asgaros to WPForo

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Good day 
Yesterday i try to read How to migrate
And following instruction for migrate Asgaro forum to WPForo 
Everything fine , photo already come to new forum. 
For Asgaro forum have many category and many forum under category
But I have problem about 
1. Category not complete / Asgaro 76 but after migrate category only 54. 
2. Forum under category not sorting and some forum move to one category. 
Then so many forum under that category. 
And i think WPForo has limit to create forum / category 50 but need to create forum 70 
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wpForo doesn't impose any limitations. The tool migrates the exact number of forums. Ensure that the server timeout allows the migration process to continue and complete.

For forum hierarchy adjustments, navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > forums admin page, and manually organize the hierarchy as desired.

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