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[Closed] Can wpForo keep this URL structure if I migrate my forum to wpForo?

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Hi, I need to migrate my forum from XenForo to wpForo. Can wpForo keep my existing URLs? Current URLs are like these:


Thank you so much.

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Hi @mplusplus,

Unfortunately, it's not possible to keep the URL as far as the URL structures of both forums (XenForo and wpForo) are different.


1. topic URLs

  • XenForo:
  • wpForo:

2. forum URLs

  • XenForo:
  • wpForo:

However, If you contact a professional migration service, they can make 301-redirection from an old XenForo URL structure to a new wpForo URL structure. So don't lose the Google rank. I. e. the old links integrated on Google database will not return 404-page and will show the new according pages in wpForo.

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