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[Solved] Missing avatars after phpbb3 to wpforo migration

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I successfully imported a phpbb3 standalone forum into a WordPress wpforo using Go2wpForo tool but all the image avatars are missing...

Is there a way to restore them ? (Even a manual way, I'm developer)

thanks in advance 

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The migration tool doesn't guarantee the avatar migration. phpBB stores avatars in different ways, so it could be missed as well. In any case, please leave the wpForo forum URL we'll take a look at the missing avatar URLs If the avatar URL exists, but they don't load images then I assume you've not moved the avatars from phpBB directory to WordPress.

If the source URLs doesn't exist, then the tool could not find and migrate avatars. You can use Leira Letter Avatar plugin to fill all users avatars with the first name of their usernames. It's a nice replacement, once it's installed, go to the plugin settings and enable it.

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sebalou Topic starter 22/11/2021 10:20 am


I checked the db : avatar attribute on wpforo_profiles table is null for all members. So a generic "gravatar" url is generated.

I'm able to write a php script that will fill wpforo_profiles.avatar attribute regarding the phpbb profile of each member.

Did you know the path format to respect into the db and were to put avatar images files in my wordpress instance ?


sebalou Topic starter 22/11/2021 11:11 am

Solved :

- path is /wp-content/uploads/wpforo/avatars

- db format is simply /wp-content/uploads/wpforo/avatars/file.jpg