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[Closed] On migration from SP my Admin has lost all her posts

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Hi Team

We have had Simple:Press installed for over 7 years and it's time to freshen it up! So we migrated to WPForo, which looks stunning.

However there a few problems:

1. My main forum moderator/admin is an expert in her field and has made over 6,000 post replies to topic questions. But these posts seem to have been assigned to other people. I am an admin too, and I seem to have inherited over 3,000 posts, which I did not make. I need her to look like the authority she is, and have all her posts assigned to her, especially all the replies she made (she has replied to 99% of the topics created.)

2. My second expert moderator cannot even be found when I search Members. He has made over 3,300 posts, but none are credited to him.

3. My highest posting member is nowhere to be found.

3. There are no views on any of the 12,000+ topics. Why are there no views?

4. The last reply my expert moderator made was just a few days ago, but I can't find any posts from her that are newer than "2 years ago".

So I followed this advice of yours: 

Please try to delete User cache, navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page, click on [Update Users Statistic] button then [Delete Users Cache] button 

But it didn't change anything.

We have no caching plugins.

Please advise.

Thanks, Graeme

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Hi GraemeT,

Please use [Update User Statistic] button first. Then  [Delete User Cache].

If it doesn't help, no worries. Please contact us via support[at] email address and send admin login details. We'll check and fix this issue. The Got2wpForo tool is working fine on all our test migrations. Also this tool has been used in more than hundred migrations from Simple:Press. This is the first time we get such an issue report.


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