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[Closed] issue with the database host etc stuff on smf to wpforo

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I keep getting the error on the last step, we cannot find this board. 

I am assuming when I click the automated button to fill in the data for database host name etc is wrong? I just click the button at the bottom that auto fills it and says status ok ok then next step cannot find this board on the last page.

Is it where my wpforo is? or my smf info. If anyone can help me find the info its asking for such as 

database host, database username, database password, database name, database table prefix, database table ssecond prefix

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Hi @taeian,

Where is located your SMF database? If it's in other server, are you sure the remote access to MySQL server is enabled to your SMF database? To avoid this issue, I recommend move the SMF database tables to WordPress database and move all SMF files to WordPress file system in a /smf/ folder. In this case all access to database tables, attached files and avatars will be very easy for Go2wpForo tool.

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