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[Closed] Botched SMF > WpForo migration issues

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.. General Discussion board on SMF somehow becomes a category.. I noticed after importing that all the topics/posts were imported.. but the main board for it was missing.. in the database changing the is_cat to 0 and setting ;parentid to actual parent board brings it back.. but overall it didn't put things in the same category>board order that was on SMF.

so that was fixed.. but not good for import that just works.

the main thing now is getting attachments and avatars to be imported... instructions are unclear...

do the attachment files in smf need to all be in this directory?

and same with the avatars many avatars are in seperate folders in smf ie /avatars/3D-Avatars  etc.. so does that mean on migration those files need all be in the

...uploads/wpforo/attachments/ folder or do I move the folders they are in from SMF to that attachment folder?

I've kinda tried different things but nothing works with avatars that are stored on SMF as uploaded ones or attachments.

Also what other addons does wpForo need for avatars or should say what other Wordpress addons work best with wpForo that should be installed aswel.. like buddypresss? etc  why is attachments for wpForo an upgrade? is that addon needed for attachments to be imported in from SMF?

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Hi @koolio ,

Forum to Forum migration issues are complex issues and require deep review of each case. We’re sorry but we cannot support issues arisen during your forum migration. We only support questions related how to use and configure this tool in wpForo support forum. 

In case you want to say thank you !)
We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Koolio Topic starter 20/11/2023 10:58 pm

@robert I get that it can be complicated.... however I'm asking about the avatar/attachment locations as to where it is looking for the avatar file when provide the file path in the importer, and the process has no debug information while it is running to show paths etc that is it checking for things so no idea where it is going wrong.