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[Closed] Migration Error SMF to Wpforo

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I am evaluating Wpforo as a potential solution for a existing SMF forum - I'd much rather run it all under Wordpress and Wpforo looks just the job... however I've done one previous migration test locally it took a while but it seemed to work on the older version of Wpforo.

I'm now using Wpforo 2.0.8 and migration tool V3.0.0 and keep getting the "Migrate2wpForo Notice: We can't find this board on this system" notice - is there an error log somewhere that might give me some clues?

I've tried deactivating and re-activating Wpforo and the migration tool to no effect. Before I do the migration I get "Ok" on database connection and tables, and nothing seems out of whack so not sure what the issue is?

I need the migration tool to work - without it moving to Wpforo is a non-starter so its key I get this sorted.

This is all localhost installation at the moment for dev evaluation. Any help appreciated. 

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I think I've answered my own question... I originally did a database export from SMF/Admin which the migration tool fails against and seems to be subtly different from a native export using phpmyadmin direct from the SMF MySQL DB. Re-running the migration tool against the Phpmyadmin export seems to do the trick.