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[Closed] Considering migrating from SMF

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I have a fairly big SMF forum that I'm considering migrating to WpForo and I've kicked off a test migration to see how it goes. The migration is running on production sized servers but it's looking like it will probably take 48 hours to complete. The servers (database and web) don't seem to be stressed with CPU/disk/network all running at less than 25% capacity so I'm wondering what the bottleneck is, i.e. is there any way for me to make it go faster?

Alternatively is the migration iterative, e.g. if I run the migration whilst the current SMF forum is still operational, if I then re-run the migration again when the 'big' migration has finished, will it just migrate any new users/posts/attachments since the 'big' migration finished?

Secondly, I note that polls and private messages are addons to WpForo. My existing forum has both of those being actively used. If I purchase/install the addons before the migration, does Go2WpForo migrate polls/PMs or is there no way to migrate them?



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I've found the answer to my second question about PMs and polls - they aren't migrated.


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Please check this Documentation:

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