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[Closed] I have a really BIG SMF forum... so...?

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I have an SMF forum, and it's a really one.

Database is around 1.8 Gb ... and Attachaments, well, around 4 Tb.

I will migrate to wpForo, because I love it, I tried it on another forum I have and wow, I love it, so if I could migrate my big one, I'll buy all addons and advanced features.

Now the question: Do yo uthink I'll be able to migrate my forum to wpForo ?

Someone did that?...

Is there some recommendation before I do that?... Except to making backups, becouse Iยดm backuping all at real time (mirrors)


Thanks a lot

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The Go2wpForo tool will do that, but it may take one or more days. The attachments should be copied to the correct place. In most cases, SMF stores attachments without extensions, so they are corrupted when you download and upload using some FTP client. Make sure the transfer type is set "Binary" when you do that. If the attachments are located on the same server, just move them without downloading and uploading.

If the migration stops, just refresh the page, and it'll continue from the stopped point.

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diegolyanky Topic starter 27/08/2021 10:47 am
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@robert :

Thanks for your quick reply.

I tested with a small forum, and I remember in a pago asked me about processes per time or something like that... it was set at 200.

I think, if I set that value to a greater number, migration process will take less time. I have a great server, so I think will work.

I am currently making a copy of attachments directory, and will take some hours to complete the copy, I've installed an additional disk for that, and don't worry, not binary set conf. needed, because I am just making a copy of folder on same server ...

When finish I'll comment here, in fact, I'll comment all process, I think will help some future users with similar questions ๐Ÿ˜‰

Regards !

Posted by: @diegolyanky

I think, if I set that value to a greater number, migration process will take less time. I have a great server, so I think will work.

No, I'd suggest set it 50, less than 200. It doesn't affect the speed, but it'll help to avoid overloading of the database during the long migration process. So it's better to set it to 50, otherwise it'll stop very often, and you will have to keep checking and refresh the stopped migration page.

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diegolyanky Topic starter 27/08/2021 5:06 pm


Interesting though, thanks for sharing it here ...ย  I swear, I was going to set it to 400, because my server is a BIG one too ...ย 

I have a Core i9 9900K 16 Threads running at 4.2 Ghz X16 with 96 Gb RAM, and I though: "I'll set to 400, will take less time, but you are right, setting to a 50 steps per round, will refresh page faster and will have more stability.

Well, there I go... pray for me.