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[Closed] Can I integrate with Zoho or Zapier?

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We want to have ability to track if forum questions are answered on time. So we want work integrate with Zoho or Zapier. Does it have Zapier & zoho integration, which can help us integrate the forum?

For example; When created new topic, WpForo should will send to notification (data) to Zoho or Zapier. How can provide to the integrate?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @piresat,

I've just asked our developers and currently, I'm waiting for a response from them. I'll update the topic asap.

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Hi @piresat,

I'm sorry, but we don't have any solution for Zoho and Zapier. This requires lots of custom codding and hard work. We're not planning to work on this yet. But you can contact to gVectors Custom Development team via sales[at] The'll assess the work and let you know how much will it cost and how long it'll take to create.