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[Solved] Email Notifications For Users

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I am new to this forum and looking to use this plugin for a client's site soon.

However, there is some confusion about if users will get emailed notifications for threads, comments, mentions, new posts, etc? 

Some of the answers in the forum are mixed or relating to admin emails.

Then, another thread mentioned Ultimate Member that needed for this plugin too, in order for users to receive emails? Or is this already built into the plugin? 



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Hi @thevibedesign,

wpForo doesn't require other plugins for notification. wpForo has built-in powerful notification system. It notifies when a user mention you, reply you, like your posts, etc...

You don't need to install UM for all these. You just need to decide to use either the notification bell on the menu bar or with the Profile and Notification widget. Here is the full info about in-forum user notification:

The email notification is also built-in, and you don't need any other plugin. wpForo has a powerful email notification for forum and topic subscribers. It can be managed in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Emails Tab. Here is the doc:

In addition, all users have Email Notification / Subscription management section in their Profile > Subscription Tab. They can easily manage their subscriptions to forums and topics:

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Thank you @robert I will take a look at these articles and let my team know.