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[Closed] Missing Bridge Feature between WPForo and WPDiscuz

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I am using both wpForo and wpDiscuz plugin in my blog. I am using login option in wpDiscuz. When user trying to login from comment form, it is redirecting to the login page, which is fine. But after successful login, the user is redirected to the dashboard, instead of the page, when was the comment form located. In wpForo setting there is option for redirecting to a link, not to the previous page. 

Here I have two suggestion for both the plugin.

For wpDiscuz, it is to place an option login option from the wpForo database, without being redirected.

For wpForo place an option in the wpForo plugin, it is to give an option in the setting page. 1st option, select either redirected to previous option. 2nd option, redirected to a page. Now it should work accordingly.

I hope I am able to understand you. Actually I am trying this for a long time. Read all the blog post here related to this, tried to change function.php file. Nothing works.. please make something like this.. 

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Hi @civilenggnotes,

Thank you for letting us know. We'll check this and update in the core if any issue is found.

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Waiting for this for a long time..

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Ultimate Member myCRED Features: Reward users for updating profile photo; Reward you should install myCRED plugin before installing wpForo - myCRED Integration addon 2019 · The Gateway add-on serves as a bridge between myCRED and some of the Integrates myCRED Badges and Ranks with wpDiscuz.