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[Closed] WpForo and Permalink Manager Lite plugin conflict?

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Hello wpforo,

There has been a conflict on WpForo plugin and Permalink Manager Lite plugin?

Whenever I turned on Permalink Manager Lite, the "wpforo forum page" shows up, but when I clicked on the forum topics, it just takes me back to "wpforo forum page" and do nothing no matter how many times I clicked. I can't enter into the "topic forum"

When I disable the Plug in, "wpforo forum page and all it's topics"  will work as normal.

May I ask if there's a fix on this? I really need "permalink manager lite" to customize my pages. I hope it would work on "wpforo' . Maybe there's a settings I can tweak.  Don't really know what to do.


I need help,

Thank You so much.


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Hi @accsters,

Thank you for reporting this conflict. I'm really sorry but we'll not be able to find time to fix this conflict in near future. Our work schedule is very busy, you may ask this plugin developers to help you and fix it from their side.