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[Closed] About wpf_read_topics & hat these cookies

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Dear Wpforo Team - Firs off, a big thanks for building this wonderful plugin. We have been using it for last three months and it works beautifully. Though the plugin is extremely fast, we are trying to see if we can make it faster :). One issue that we are encountering with WP foro pages are the two cookies wpf_read_topics and wpf_read_forums.

The help documentation here explains about these cookies and you have provided a feature to turn them off which is great. We love the feature "used to track visited forums and topics (bold and normal titles)" and that is great for logged in users. We do not allow guest users to post anything on our forums, they do need to sign up. As such these cookies are useless for guest users in our case (I also feel that these cookies would not be of use for guest users even otherwise as the cookie would expire by the time guest comes back). However, the cookie is dropped which conflicts with server's ability to serve a cached page.

My question is if there is a way to avoid dropping these two cookies only for "Guest" users. I completely understand the value provided by these cookies to the logged in user but for guests, we want to avoid dropping these cookies in the user's browsers.

Kindly advice how we can achieve this? If there is a filter that is used to decide when to drop these cookies that would be ideal.


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Hi @osdotme,

wpForo has only two options for the cookies:

1. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab and check Log Viewed Forums and Topics option

2. Go to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Privacy & Rules Tab and check Forum Cookies Options, the description of the option is written under it.