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[Closed] cancel the url structure

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I want to install forum plugin for my website. but I want to cancel the urls that members can create in all forum areas. I don't want it to have the feature to add url.
I just want to allow admins to add url.

how can I do that?

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Hi @aga2442,

You will need User Custom Field addon to manage User Account and remove from there the needed field.

About all the Forum Areas, I need more info where exactly you don't want to have the feature to add URL.

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I wanted to say this:

I don't want any member to be able to add a url at all when they open a new topic in the forum or reply to a forum or add information while editing their profile.

my purpose; throughout the entire forum, is to turn off the url feature. You know, people create profiles or start threads just to get backlinks. I want to prevent this completely.

is it possible?

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In ALL forums areas is a bit hard.

For the topic/posts, you could set the links option (see my capture) to a very high number.

For the profiles, i don't see any solution to prohibit links. One idea that _could_ work, is to search and replace ANY link from ANY user with something else (during the DISPLAY of the profile or post), via a plugin.

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How do you delist a URL?