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[Closed] error 404 boton "update options" de "forum settings" pestaña "emails"

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hello wpforo community thank you for helping me with this problem that does not allow me to modify emails

error 404 boton "update options" de "forum settings" pestaña "emails"

I can't make changes to this tab because of this error, however all other tabs work fine

url error:




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Hi @wpf,

This is a server or WordPress problem. As far as I see the admin system redirection doesn't work. It affected by server issues, by .htaccess file or by some plugin. In any case this issue is not wpForo issue and cannot be fixed from wpForo side.

Please let us know, what kind of WP you use? Is this a regular installation or multisite? Is this a hosted WP? What's is unusual in your Wordpress installation?

Could you please deactivate all pugins and test it again?

Test other tabs in this setting page. if other works fine please do these:

1. Contact to your hosting service and ask them increase the PHP max_input_vars = 10000 and post_max_size = 256MB.

2. Copy and save Email templates somewhere, then insert just one Latin char in all template editors and try to save again. We need to see if this is a editor content related issue.