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[Closed] Is WPFORO search engine friendly?

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My Yoast SEO app does not count any of the words in my forum as content?  Are these forums being crawled optimally for seo?

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Yoast SEO doesn't have any connection to wpForo, wpForo has it's own professional SEO system. It automatically generates Forum and Topic Titles/Meta Data, uses SEO friendly permalinks and provides with correct canonical URLs to bots. You can search in google "wpforo" word and see how fast and easy google gets all new topics in search result. Those are being updated every 24 hours. wpForo is super SEO friendly forum plugin.

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Ok, but we implemented Alogolia search plugin to our website and it doesn't search in the community. I've added the search widget. However which search plugin would work well with wpForo and search both in the website and wpForo community at our website

I gave you 5/5 stars review in WP plugins directory. wpForo is a great plugin!



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Thank you Glue42,

please note, all WordPress search plugins only search in wp_posts table of WordPress. They don't know there is a forum plugin wpForo which have separate post table wp_wpforo_posts table, so they have no chance to bring result from wpForo. Thus we created wpForo specific search widget and Advanced Search page.