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[Closed] Issue with Usergroup synchronize

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Hi there,


We recently migrated from bbPress to wpForo, and we're encountering some issues with usergroups. We need your guidance on the following:

  1. In the image, the blue-highlighted boxes indicate that we have 638 users with the "subscriber" role, but only 547 users are in the "Usergroup Registered." Why weren't some of them added?

  2. In the image, the red-highlighted boxes indicate that we have 496 users with the "bbp_participant" role. However, when we clicked on the "Add usergroup to synch" button and configured the settings, no users with that role were added to the usergroup. What could be the problem?

Note: As per the guidance mentioned below the table regarding the "Synchronize" button, we followed those instructions and clicked on the button. However, nothing changes, and the usergroup with the role doesn't get synchronized. Please guide us on this matter.




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Hi @ali,

Please edit the Registered usergroup and uncheck the option "Can be used as Secondary", save it and re-synchronize again.

If it doesn't help, then the issue is in multi-role configuration of users. wpForo might not support multi-role synchronization. Users might have one user role to be synched to wpForo usergroups. This issue comes from bbPress, it always add moltiple user roles to users meta-data. The same user have subscriber and participant user role, so wpForo only shows them as subscriber, it doesn't duplicate the same number for different user roles.

In other words, this is not an issue and this doesn't affect forum functions and features.