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Suggestion [Closed] Member Profile Stats

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Hi, on the individual member profile pages, the stats are not interactive. Instead of just a general activity tab (or in addition to), what if the stats were more interactive? For example, clicking "Blog Posts" should take you to that users blogs posts. Clicking "Liked" should take you to a list of the forums posts that user liked.

Also, it would be nice to have an option in the admin to select which of the stats should be present on the front end. For example, if a site doesn't want to make the number of dislikes public.

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Hi @codings,

Thank you for your suggestion, we'll take this under consideration. Currently we don't have plans to add such features, however we may add them in our to-do list (in case they are not there). If you need some feature urgently you can contact our pro support team:

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@robert Thank you for the reply! Just seems like a missed opportunity to fine tune the profile pages to offer more user interaction and integrate even better with Wordpress (could possibly be an add-on for expanded profiles).